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Lpi LPIC-2 117-201英語の試験問題

What is the minimum number of disks required in a RAID5 array?


A server has three disks of 80GB each and must manage a database with 4 million records of 30KB each.The best configuration for this server, with the criteria being performance, configurability and flexibility, is:


The correct command sequence to create logical volumes on a Linux system is:


What is the usable disk space of a RAID 5 array of five 18GB drives with one drive dedicated as a spare?


You decide to use the logical volume manager (LVM) to manage four 4GB disk drives.After creating the volume group, how would you create a 10GB logical volume called big-app?


What is the purpose of vgextend?


Which RAID level provides the most redundancy?


Which pseudo-file contains information on the status of software RAID devices?


What information does the file modules.dep provide?


Before compiling a new kernel, what needs to be done?


On a system with separate partitions for /, /usr, /var, /tmp, which filesystem[s] can safely be mounted read-only?


Which of the following best describes the format of the /etc/fstab file?


Which of the following is a valid location in the automount configuration, when a Windows share needs to be made available to the system?


What script is included with the kernel source to patch a kernel?


Which command would you use to apply a diff file to an original?


One of the IDE hard drives in a server is transferring data very slowly.What command must be run to enable DMA on it?


What happens when the Linux kernel can’t mount the root filesystem when booting?


You have written a little startup script (/usr/local/bin/startup.sh) that should automatically execute when entering runlevel 3.According to the standards, how can this best be achieved?


What command is used to create an ISO9660 filesystem that can be properly accessed from a Windows 95/98 machine?


In order to find all library dependencies of /usr/bin/foo, which of the following statement is true?


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